Shapes and how to use them

Natural (raw or rough)

Minerals and rocks that have not been cut, polished, faceted or tumbled to a visible shape. When working with rough stones and crystals, their pure, natural and deeply raw energy makes for powerful healing work.


These are groups of crystals such as cluster Quartz, Citrine or Amethyst that have many points, large or small, or a mixture of sizes, which form and share a common base. These crystal clusters radiate and push energy outwards and they absorb negative or harmful energy. Perfect for cleansing the energy of any room


These crystals have a finished point on one end and are flat on the other end. They are used as energy tools to channel energy and healing directly towards a specific area. They are also extremely beneficial in manifesting intentions faster and releasing positive energies.


Geodes are spherical rocks that have open cavities lined with crystals. Inside the geodes are made of beautifully colourful clusters of minerals (commonly Quartz, Calcite, and Agate) in a variety of enchanting and vivid colours. They are wonderful to place around your private space, home, office or use in your sacred space.

Polished and Cut Stones

Beautiful stones with a gloss finish, found in various shapes and colours.


They are round-shaped, similar to mother earth and they emit energy all around and from all sides, symbolising infinity and oneness. They are often used to increase self-awareness, positivity and a sense of wholeness.


Similar to a sphere, crystal eggs emit their energy from all sides but with a focal point at the top. They are a powerful tool as they represent creation, fertility, new beginnings and prosperity. Their shape makes them comfortable to hold during meditation or for working with it for energy healing.

Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones are small, rounded, polished gemstones and crystals. Their shape and shine is made when the stones hit against each other when placed inside a rock tumbler. These small crystals are used as energy stones during healing work and they are ideal for carrying with you.


The sacred shape of the pyramid holds many different spiritual meanings. The square-shaped base is believed to anchor your intentions as the tip of the pyramid sends those intentions out into the universe. Pyramid-shaped stones are used for spiritual healing and meditation.